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Trumpet Players Corner

* "I don't think you can find a stronger trumpet section than the one here..."

International Trumpet Guild [ITG] Journal review of "Kindred Spirits" CD, January 2007

Who's Playing Lead Trumpet On...

From time to time we're asked who's playing lead on the various tracks on our CDs. Wayne Bergeron is our first trumpet player, but we have an abundance of wonderful lead players, and the lead trumpet part is adroitly handled on different tracks by different players.

Here's a list of who's covering the lead part.

"Perspectives" CD:

I'm Old Fashioned: Graham
Stormy Weather: Bergeron
Something the Cat Dragged In: Bergeron
Wish Upon a Star: Bergeron
Chucho: Baptist; Bergeron on lead solo at end
Legacy: Szabo
Sky Dive: Baptist
Blues On Ice: Szabo
You Must Believe in Spring: Bergeron
Somebody Loves Me: Szabo
Beauty and The Beast: Graham; Bergeron on solo part
Oncoming Traffic: Baptist
Vegas d'Oro: Bergeron
I'm Old Fashioned (Reprise): no trumpets

"Living in the Moment" CD:

East of the Sun: Bergeron
Colores del Fuego: Bergeron
Sublimation: Bergeron
I'm A Fool To Want You: Baptist
Slow Boat To China: Bergeron
Time Remembered: Bergeron
Little Linda: Thomas
Song For Strayhorn: Baptist
Lush Life/Adagio For Strings: Bergeron
For Liz and John: Baptist
Outside Looking In: Szabo
'Round Midnight: Bergeron
East of the Sun - Duet: no trumpets

"Kindred Spirits" CD:

Lester Leaps In: Bergeron
Theme from "Chinatown": Bergeron
Girl Talk: Bergeron
Beautiful Love: Bergeron
My Foolish Heart: Thomas
Kindred Spirits: Bergeron
Danny Boy: no trumpets
ESP: Fornero
That Old Feeling: Bergeron
My Ship: Baptist/Bergeron
No More Blues: Bergeron
I'll Be Seeing You: no trumpets

"A Beautiful Friendship" CD:

All tracks: Bergeron


(Click this link for photos).

Gary himself is an active trumpet player in Los Angeles, who plays in several ensembles and occasionally with the Jazz Orchestra, though writing and conducting for it usually keeps his hands full. He can be contacted through this website for this purpose.

Equipment preferences:

Bb Trumpet: Schilke S32 (1993); Bach LT180ML 72*/25-O (2006). Backup horn is a Bach 180ML 37/25 (1973).

(For big band): a combination of Warburtons (primarily a 5S with KT backbore), Marcinkiewiczs, GRs and Schilkes.
(For classical): Bach Mt. Vernon 1-1/2C, 7 backbore (Kanstul copy) and various Warburtons. Email for details if interested.

Flugelhorn: Kanstul 1025 ("Chicago")
Mouthpiece: Reeves 41F

C Trumpet: Yamaha 9445-CHS
Mouthpiece: Bach 1-1/2C, 24 throat, 7 backbore

Eb/D Trumpet: Schilke E3L
Mouthpiece: Bach Mt. Vernon 7B, 87 backbore (Kanstul copy); Schilke Symphony Series M2*

Piccolo Trumpet: Schilke P5-4 BG; Stomvi Elite
Mouthpieces: Schilke 11Ax; Bach 7D (Kanstul copy) with various backbores

Music notation software: Finale


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